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Where we met

How we met

I've never believed that saying about seeing someone across a crowded room and falling for them until it happen to me. In 2007 when I joined the San Diego Men's Chorus one of the first people I remember seeing is my Frankie. I walked in and across the room my eyes were focused only on him. Later having the introduction I knew I would meet him again. Weeks later we did meet and the connection was magical. We are so different in so many ways but the growth we've gained is so amazing. He is so patient with me and always seeing the positive side of things. We have our moments but when the dust settles, we know we love each other and want to grow with each other. His smile gives me hope and if you know him, most of the time he is all smiles.  

Our lives took opposite directions, where I spent 20 years in the military, he spent 20 years in the ministry. Our belief that God is always in control gives up hope. Whether with a church or not, we trust God in all things. 

Our home

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