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Jeff  T. Crawford

Born in Georgia, August 1969

Retired U.S.Navy - 2009

Higher Education

Graphic Design/Marketing​

Hobbies: Singing, Volunteering and Traveling

Born in a small town in Georgia, where there are still only 2 stop lights to get through the town. But the people are friendly, and you can still leave your doors unlocked all night without fear.


​At a young age I had desire explore the world away from my family, so after graduating high school I joined the military. 20 years 9 days and 4 hours of my life was spent traveling with the Navy. I’ve visiting some amazing places, that I would have never gotten the opportunity to do. Life has punched me hard a few times but it all God watched over me and shown me mercy and unconditional love. 

My last tour on duty landed me in San Diego. Not knowing anyone, except for my military brothers and sisters, one of them talked me into joining the San Diego Men's Chorus. My first day walking in, I noticed the most beautiful, breath taking person. We started talking about two weeks after I joined, and we have been by each others side ever since. He is one of the kindest, giving, passionate and loving people I know.

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